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Do you suffer from chronic pain from arthritis in your hip, knee, shoulder, or back? Are you considering joint replacement surgery but are thinking about the risks involved? Prolozone therapy is an alternative to the risks of taking prescription drugs for pain and the risks of surgery. Howard Liebowitz, MD, with Liebowitz Longevity Medicine in Santa Monica, California, uses prolozone therapy to treat patients with chronic pain from degenerative diseases and more. You don’t have to suffer with chronic pain. Call or book an appointment for a consultation with Liebowitz Longevity Medicine today.


Prolozone Q & A

What is Prolozone Therapy?

Prolozone therapy is a series of injections that can help heal joints and ligaments. The injections usually contain a numbing agent to eliminate pain during the injection, a form of oxygen called ozone gas, and one or several nutrients including vitamins and minerals.

What Conditions Does Prolozone Therapy Treat?

Evidence shows that prolozone therapy helps many conditions, including:

  • Joints with degenerative arthritis, including hips, knees, ankles, neck, and back (including degenerated discs)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • TMJ
  • Sciatica
  • Heel spurs
  • Neuromas
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sports injuries

How Does Prolozone Therapy Work?

As you age, the cartilage and connective tissue around your joints suffer wear and tear. Your body’s ability to repair tissue decreases as the rate it breaks down increases.

A common ailment as you age is a torn ligament or torn cartilage. Blood, which contains oxygen for healing, can’t get to the area as well. Cartilage and tissue die, sometimes resulting in a knee or shoulder that is ‘bone-on-bone’ (without a cartilage cushion).

Prolozone therapy injects oxygen and nutrients into the area, promoting healing and reducing pain and inflammation by stimulating regeneration of cartilage.

What are the Benefits of Prolozone Therapy?

When compared with surgery for joints that have experienced wear and tear, prolozone offers obvious benefits, such as:

  • Fast and Effective: The injection is practically pain-free and produces fast results. You can see improvement in a few weeks with prolozone therapy in your knee, for example, whereas knee surgery involves a longer and more painful recovery.
  • Less Invasive: It’s an in-office procedure, not surgery. Surgery requires anesthesia and hospital or outpatient center costs. Any surgery always involves risk of infection. Prolozone injections are low-risk when compared to surgery.
  • Promotes Healing: Prolozone acts in conjunction with your body’s natural healing system, allowing new connective tissue to grow through an infusion of oxygen and nutrients.
  • Saves Joints: Prolozone therapy can delay or eliminate the need for joint replacement.

What Happens During Prolozone Therapy Treatment?

Dr. Liebowitz cleans the area around the injection site. He injects a needle with a numbing agent along with nutrients into the joint. Next, he takes out the syringe but leaves the needle in place.

He then connects another syringe with ozone in it which also goes into the joint. He removes the needle and bandages the area.

You’re done in a matter of minutes. The therapy requires a series of injections for about six to eight weeks.