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If you have digestive disorders, allergic conditions that traditional allergy treatment just doesn’t help, or immune conditions that are difficult to treat, alternative medicine offers an answer that may be right for you: detoxification.

Howard Liebowitz, MD, Clinical Director of Liebowitz Longevity Medicine in Santa Monica, California, identifies specific toxins and food intolerances in your body that may be contributing to your health issues and prescribes effective treatment to bring your body back to better health. Call or book an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Liebowitz today to explore treatment designed to improve your overall health.


Detoxification Q & A

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of ridding your body of toxins from the environment and from the buildup of unhealthy foods that have produced symptoms of illness. It also involves forming new habits so that you do not ingest new toxins. Detoxification is an accepted practice in alternative medicine.

Why is Detoxification Important for Better Health?

Our environment is full of toxins, from the many chemicals present in air and water pollution to pesticides sprayed on crops.

Toxins are also present in the food we eat. We’re at the top of the ‘food chain’ and are exposed to the layers of toxins that occur from farm-to-table. When we eat these foods, we are also eating the layers of chemicals and additives in that chain.

Detoxification eliminates these toxins from the body. Americans’ increasing demand for organic foods is evidence that they have received this message, and detoxification therapies are becoming more widely accepted.

What Types of Tests Diagnose Toxins in the Body?

Blood and urine tests as well as stool analysis, along with tests for allergies, measure key body functions that can show problem areas. Today, there are many sophisticated tests involving kidney and liver functions to diagnose bodily toxins.

What is Involved in Detoxification Treatment?

Detoxification involves a variety of healing techniques; however, a change in your diet is essential. Based on your unique profile, Dr. Liebowitz creates an individual plan. The diet, in general, is low fat, high fiber, and vegetarian, emphasizing plenty of raw foods, many of which can be consumed in good-tasting smoothies.

Dr. Liebowitz prescribes vitamin and mineral supplements and may prescribe herbal supplements designed to improve your specific health conditions and aid in healing.

If you have a digestive tract disorder, colonics and probiotics can improve digestion and clear the colon, along with high-fiber foods and possibly herbal laxatives.  

What Conditions Does Detoxification Treat?

Detoxification can improve overall health and also aid with the following conditions, among others:

  • Toxic colon syndrome or intestinal toxemia and other digestive disorders
  • Hard-to-treat allergies and immune system problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Environmental illness and chemical sensitivity
  • Fibromyalgia
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