Bioidentical Hormone Balancing

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Do you suffer from hot flashes throughout your day and night?
Has menopause caused changes in your sexual function so that you’re not able to fully enjoy being with your partner?
Do you suffer from lack of motivation, low energy, lethargy and foggy brain?
There are answers.

Howard Liebowitz, MD, 
Clinical Director of Liebowitz Longevity Medicine in Santa Monica, California, has eliminated these life-altering symptoms of menopause for many women as well as low testosterone for men by prescribing bioidentical hormone therapy. With today’s modern medicine , you don’t need to suffer debilitating symptoms the way men and women did in the past. Call or book an appointment online today.


Bioidentical Hormone Balancing Q & A

What is Bioidentical Hormone Balancing?

Bioidentical hormones are compounds with an identical molecular structure to the hormones that your body produces. Bioidentical hormone preparations are extracted from wild yams and come as progesterone, estradiol and testosterone.

These hormones occur naturally in men and women, but they are lost at menopause and decline steadily as men ageFortunately, by using hormones which replace the natural ones in your body, postmenopausal women and aging men can lead healthier lives free of many of the troublesome illnesses and symptoms associated with inevitable hormone decline.

The therapy starts with a blood test to determine your hormone levels. If the levels are too low, Dr. Liebowitz prescribes bioidentical hormones to restore your body to its natural balance.  

Dr. Liebowitz assesses his patients periodically by testing hormone levels in the blood. He prescribes exactly the amounts of hormones you need based on your blood test and how you are feeling.

What are the Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormone therapy reduces symptoms of menopause, as well as helping to lower the risk of developing “age related diseases” occurring after menopause.  In addition to experiencing hot flashes, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, sleep disorders including insomnia, and other changes in your body when estrogen levels dwindle, the incidence of certain illnesses increase.  The risk of heart disease and osteoporosis are the big ones.  After menopause, the risk of a woman having a heart attack increases dramatically and may be as great as that for men.

The “symptoms “ of menopause are easy to get rid of. But the main focus of replacing hormones is to prevent illness. There is a common misconception that once the hot flashes stop menopause is over.  Not true.  Menopause is a phase of life for a woman after she stops producing hormones.  Once the ovaries shut down, she is in menopause the rest of her life.

Men often experience lack of motivation, decreased sexual desire and weaker fullness of erections, irritability, less tolerance, loss of muscle mass, increased fat around the middle, brain fog, moodiness and loss of zest for life, as well as occasional night sweats and hot flashes similar to women.

For women with severe symptoms, hot flashes come throughout the day and night and can leave clothing and bedding soaked.  Vaginal dryness can make sexual intercourse painful so that a woman’s sex life is no longer gratifying, with loss of romance which may result in dramatic shifts in relationships.

Dr. Liebowitz prescribes bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women. Sex again becomes pleasurable, and hot flashes are gone.

Women who experience the treatment can once again enjoy life to the fullest, and many say that it rejuvenates their skin and hair, giving a youthful glow to their appearance.

Men become vibrant and energetic again, regaining their libido and machismo.

What are the Differences Between Bioidentical Hormones and Other Hormones on the Market?

Natural bioidentical estrogens are extracted from yams and soy. They are identical in their composition to those naturally found in our bodies. On the other hand, hormones known by pharmaceutical brand names are made from non-plant substances, like pregnant horses’ urine, for example. This non-natural substance is not bioidentical to human estrogen and can result in many unwanted side effects.

There are multiple hormone options for men, which are also natural and are custom selected for optimal results as well.

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