Ozone Therapy and the Politics of Medicine

Major Medical Breakthrough Ignored!

A powerful investigative documentary, “Ozone And The Politics Of Medicine” tells the story of a simple medical treatment set against the background of politics and economics that control the health care system.

Restricted in the United States and Canada, ozone therapy has been used to treat several million people in Europe, Russia and Cuba for the past 100 years, for a variety of medical conditions, from eczema and gangrene, to cancer, strokes, hepatitis, herpes and AIDS.

Recently, ozone has been scientifically proven to selectively attack viruses as well as cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

The Canadian military has just completed a 100% successful study with monkeys proving ozone can safely sterilize blood infected with viruses.

The medical use of ozone therapy has been restricted in North America, and doctors may risk their license using it. Meanwhile, research dollars are being spent on enormously expensive pharmaceutical compounds of questionable merit and results.

This revealing and often disturbing film traces the progress of this highly controversial treatment, and features interviews with representatives of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health, as well as experts in Europe, Canada and Mexico.

New Documentary Uncovers Medical Scandal!

It took Canadian Filmmaker Geoffrey Rogers more than seven years to make “Ozone and The Politics of Medicine, An Investigative Documentary“. The film tells the astonishing story of a scientific and medical breakthrough that appears to have been ignored by the medical establishment, and even condemned by government officials. The film includes scientific evidence that ozone selectively attacks viral matter and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, without harming healthy cells.

Several MILLION people in Europe have already been treated using ozone therapy, while in the United States and Canada, this treatment remains restricted.

Ozone is made from pure oxygen exposed to electrical energy. Essential for every human cell, oxygen produces energy for healthy cell activity, and acts directly against foreign organisms and cells in the body.

Dozens of papers have been presented supporting the use of ozone for about forty other areas of medicine, including pain management and circulatory disorders that cause strokes. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a different opinion.

In May 1993, The Food and Drug Administration’s AIDS coordinator, Randolph Wykoff M.D. used ozone therapy as an example of medical fraud in front of a Capitol Hill subcommittee. The piece aired nationally on CNN. Recently, a study conducted by the Canadian military in association with the International Red Cross found that monkeys injected with blood plasma contaminated with SIV (the monkey equivalent of the AIDS-related virus) died within 12 to 14 days, while ALL the monkeys receiving SIV injections that had been treated with ozone remained uninfected and healthy.

“I think it’s appalling that the FDA has publicly condemned ozone therapy, while their files contain dozens of medical submissions indicating the safety and effectiveness of the treatment,” says Rogers. “Doctors have been harassed, ozone generators have been seized, and desperate people have had to resort to dubious resources available in the underground to obtain treatment.

 I can’t support the use of untested equipment, but I do appreciate the urgency of people faced with a fatal disease.” 

Although the documentary is of broadcast quality, the producers foresee potential problems with broadcasters who tend to avoid controversial material. “A large percentage of television advertising is from multinational drug companies,” says Rogers, “the influence is enormous.”

The treatment made news when famous New York physician Dr. Robert Atkins lost his license for a complaint regarding his use of ozone. The New York Supreme Court ordered his license reinstated, and the case has brought national attention to a medical treatment with staggering implications.

Why is our government and medical establishment ignoring the volumes of information pointing towards the benefits of Ozone therapy? Why are Ozone practitioners harassed and threatened?

Why is a treatment that is so beneficial for so many illnesses being suppressed and made unavailable to millions of people who could benefit from it? Why isn’t there more interest and research being done on a treatment that has been shown to help so many conditions for almost 100 years with no adverse side effects?

Watch this 52 minute Video now, and show it to anyone you know who may benefit from this incredible treatment.



Dr. Howard Liebowitz
Dr. Howard Liebowitz served as a board-certified Emergency Physician for 30 years. He evolved as a healer by integrating his traditional training in Internal Medicine, his ER experience and his studies in functional medicine. Functional medicine is a discipline that strives to reverse the course of a disease rather than just treating the symptoms, which is what most traditional medicine does.


In this booklet, Dr. Howard Liebowitz, M.D., shares his passion for helping his patients to live a long and healthy life with his highly effective, non-pharmaceutical approach to medicine.


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