A New Approach for Sexual Arousal for Men and Women

A New Approach to Improve Libido for Men and Women

One of the most common complaints I hear from my patients is regarding the loss of their libido, or sexual desire. Often it is addressed by a woman commenting that her male partner has no interest in sex, which is perceived as being abnormal or at least unusual. More often it is a comment from a man regarding his difficulty generating or sustaining an erection, or a woman despite being attracted to her partner and loving him dearly having absolutely no interest in sex.

A lack of sexual intimacy in a relationship can sometimes indicate problems within the relationship, but may also cause problems just as well. Being in the “Hormone business” I am often consulted to check out the hormone levels of the individuals involved to try to determine the cause of the problem. Many times I do find low hormone levels, but even after correcting them back to good youthful levels, sometimes the problem persists.

Additionally, I see some of my patients who I have been working with for awhile, and they have good hormone levels and generally feel good, but still complain of very low libido and /or the man is having difficulty with initiating and sustaining an erection.

I’ve written in my newsletters before about how libido can be an indicator of overall health and vitality. But regardless of the cause of low libido, the person just wants to get it back and be able to have satisfying sex with their partner again.

Working on identifying and correcting a metabolic or functional issue may be an intolerably long and frustrating period of time.

In these types of scenarios it may be appropriate to turn to a pharmaceutical aid to boost things up.

There is a new product available that has some very promising attributes in this regard.

It is a peptide called PT-141, administered about 1-3 hours prior to anticipated sexual activity. It’s remarkably helpful both for men with erectile issues, as well as women with low sexual desire.

It is not clearly understood how it works, but in investigational studies has been shown to improve erections in men who have even been unsuccessful with viagra type medication. It also can increase genital arousal in women as well as boosting sexual desire in both sexes. It is believed to work through neurological channels in the brain. This effect of arousal may sometimes persist for days. 

Women report genital arousal just walking, and men attain erections as they did as teenagers!

The administration is as a subcutaneous injection. Adverse side effects include headache, irritation around the injection site, flushing and nausea. It is generally well tolerated, and adverse symptoms tend to be dose related.

It is interesting that for a long time there have been sexual function aids for men like Viagra, but nothing great for women. Now with PT-141 there’s an answer for both sexes. One woman commented that the effect can last for days. It is also known to increase genital sensitivity and ease of arousal.

Don’t waste your money on preparations available on the internet. They don’t work. This is a pharmaceutically bio engineered product available with specific dosing.

If you would like to try PT-141 on your next ‘Date Night”, call the office to order.

All the best, in Radiant Health
Dr. Howard Liebowitz

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Dr. Howard Liebowitz
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