Miraculous Ozone for Wound Healing

Miraculous Ozone for Wound Healing


Ozone is probably the most underrated treatment for wound healing in the entire medical arsenal.

One of my patients underwent surgical removal of skin cancer that left deep suppurating ulcers on her legs. After the dermatologist who did the excision was unable to get the wounds to heal for two months, my patient asked me if I could help.

I encased her legs in an airtight bag and pumped Ozone into it for 45 minutes of exposure. Remarkable improvement was immediately apparent after the first treatment and healing progressed rapidly after each subsequent treatment. After only four treatments at weekly intervals, the wounds were completely closed up. As you can imagine, the patient was ecstatic!

Wound Healing - Before and After Comparison

Ozone is a safe, painless treatment that has been proven effective time and time again for tissue healing, inflammation, viral and bacterial infections, autoimmune disease, respiratory disorders, and many other health problems.

With its impressive safety record and well-documented success, it’s a mystery to me why more doctors in North America aren’t using Ozone.

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As Always,
Yours in Radiant Health,

Dr. Howard Liebowitz, M.D.

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