We have never faced anything like the COVID-19 pandemic in modern civilization. The devastation to our way of life, businesses, economy and social interaction is unprecedented.

As we turn to world leaders and modern medicine for answers and help, there do not appear to be many options, other than to avoid human contact.

A sense of feeling hopeless and lost are pervasive.

Yet, in the midst of so much anxiety and confusion, there flickers a tiny glimmer of hope — OZONE THERAPY.

Many of you who follow my articles know about ozone therapy. But to refresh your memory or introduce it to new readers, ozone therapy is a 100-year-old treatment using ozone gas, which is a naturally occurring substance from our atmosphere, combining it with oxygen and blending it with the patient’s blood in the body.

Ozone has been used for healing since before penicillin was discovered. It has been shown to be powerfully germicidal at multiple dierent levels. It also has the ability to decrease inflammation in the body while at the same time boosting immune function and tissue oxygenation.

Besides using it to treat various ailments in humans, it is also used to sterilize surgical equipment, swimming pools, and jacuzzies. It has been used in both veterinarian and dental medicine extensively with excellent results.

It is utilized in many countries in the world as a regular adjunct to traditional treatments; however, it has never gained acceptance in the USA, and is still not FDA approved despite thousands of reports of its safety and benefit in treating humans.

In the US ozone is considered “of no known therapeutic benefit”.

Now, all that being said, there are multiple countries using ozone therapy to combat COVID-19 with some very exciting positive results. There are many countries that allow ozone therapy in hospitals and is routinely available in doctors’ offices. Reports from some of those countries are indicating that ozone therapy may be eective in treating patients with COVID-19 infections.

Early reports from China, Spain and Italy indicate that ozone seems to be eective in treating patients with COVID-19 if they are treated early in the course of the illness.

Benefits to patients have been reported in Lombardy, Italy in hospitalized patients with documented COVID-19 infection.

In a hospital in Udine, Italy, a preliminary report on 36 patients with COVID-19 who were in the intensive care unit with pneumonia and serious respiratory difficulties were treated with ozone, and only one of them required mechanical ventilation while 35 of them improved and were discharged from the hospital with no ventilation support needed. These improvements occurred after only three treatments. 

The Udine patients demonstrated that the requirement for ventilators was reduced from 15% to 3% in the ozone treated patients.

These results are readily available for anyone to see. They are reported by The Central Friuli University Healthcare Authority’s Anesthesia and Resuscitation team, together with the Infectious Disease Division. They are awaiting authorization of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) and of the Ethics committee of the Spallanzani Institute of Rome in order to initiate a prospective randomized controlled clinical trial.

A hospital in Ibiza, Spain sent out a press release reporting on success of using ozone with 19 COVID-19 positive patients. The Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinica in Ibiza is the first in Spain to use ozone treatments in 19 COVID-19 patients with success.

The hospital reported that they were seeing improvements in patients after just 2 or 3 treatments. The ozone therapy has the benefit of improving oxygenation at the tissue level while simultaneously reducing inflammation suered by the patients.

Dr. Alberto Hernandez, Assistant Physician for Anesthesia and Resuscitation at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinica in Ibiza said, “We have registered a clinical trial, but we need to tell the world that ozone is a very eective and beneficial therapy in these patients and that we must immediately incorporate it into the treatment of these patients.”

Dr. Jose Baeza, President of the Spanish Society of Ozone Therapy and the Vice President of the World Federation of Ozone Therapy, states “given the absence of an eective treatment or a vaccine and in the context of the current health emergency, all hospitalized patients [with COVID-19 infections, sic] should receive ozone therapy as the clear benefit is evident, and ozone therapy has no significant side eects.”

On April 4, the therapy was authorized for its first use at the Polyclinica.

The first patient treated was a 49-year-old man with rapidly deteriorating respiratory difficulties despite maximum oxygen therapy. Planning was underway to have him intubated and placed on a ventilator. Surprisingly, after the first treatment of ozone the patient’s improvement was significant and the oxygen requirements were decreased. Dr Alberto Hernandez explained that “the improvement after the first session of ozone treatment was spectacular. We were surprised, his respiratory rate normalized, his oxygen levels increased, and we were able to stop supplying him with as much oxygen since the patient was able to oxygenate himself. This result encouraged us to administer it to other patients who are following the same improvement as our first patient.”

In addition, there are four clinical trials underway in China and the provisional results could not be more hopeful.

So, I ask you, why in America, supposedly the most advanced and developed country in the world, are we not allowing anyone to use Ozone therapy to treat COVID-19 patients, despite the fact that there does not appear to be anything on the horizon as eective as ozone, with no inherent risk?

Patients are dying needlessly, while China, Spain and Italy are leaving us in the dust and making us look stupid, by ignoring the one treatment that so far has shown tremendous promise in curing patients otherwise hopelessly ill with this horrible infection.

If you are not aware, Dr. Liebowitz has been performing Ozone Therapy for his patients for the past 12 years, and probably has more experience with doing so than anyone in the Los Angeles vicinity.

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