Huge Breakthrough for Ozone Therapy


A recent article appeared in Forbes magazine about a new therapy to treat heart failure.

The article at Forbes describes Celacade technology by Mississauga, Ontario based Vasogen, Inc., an immune modulation therapy to treat chronic heart failure. This therapy uses “a modified sample of a patient’s own blood to trick the immune system into fighting cardiac inflammation.”

Without boring you with all the medical jargon, the article goes on to explain the details of the process and explains how it works medically.

They are very careful in the description of the process. Yet when reading it, it clearly indicates that they are using ozone gas mixed with the patient’s blood and injecting it back into the patient. 

What they are describing is what is known as “minor auto hemotherapy”. 

The process involves drawing up a small amount of the patient’s blood and mixing it with a small amount of ozone gas in the syringe and then injecting it back into the patient in a muscle. It creates a sort of “autoimmunization”.

How It Works

It works by activating immune cells in the blood sample that when injected back into the patient stimulates a domino like cascade of immune events in the body with the end result of decreasing inflammation.

This is a highly effective immune-stimulating treatment that I have been doing with my patients for the past 10 years. I actually use a much more potent, higher dose of this treatment, where we utilize the exact same principles but on a much larger scale. I mix up to two liters of the patient’s blood with ozone during the treatment process as opposed to only about 5-10 ml of blood in the study mentioned.

But the point is, that I believe this is one of the first times ozone is being used in a major medical research study.

This may provide a huge breakthrough in the process of validation of the benefits of ozone, albeit on a small scale.

Hopefully Ozone Therapy will slowly become more recognized for the outstanding number of benefits it brings to medicine with little or no adverse side effects.

This is “one small step for man, but a giant Leap for Ozone Therapy”.

Ozone Therapy as an Immune Modulator

I have been using Ozone Therapy successfully as an immune modulator as described in this study for years.

I have had good results with illnesses as diverse as rheumatoid arthritis, auto immune disorders, Epstein Barr virus infection, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, HIV infection, and even some cancers.

It also works extremely well as a preventive anti-aging treatment as it can effectively reduce inflammation and help promote detoxification, both of which can have a profound effect on slowing the aging process.

If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing the benefits of Ozone Therapy watch my videos on YouTube.

Or, better yet, come in to the office for a treatment of your own.  Call (310) 393-2333 or book an appointment online.

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