Can Ultraviolet Light Help You?

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Sunlight is well known to be the source of all life on our planet. Without sunlight there is no photosynthesis for plants to generate the energy we consume in our food. There would be no life in the oceans. The planet would be dark and frozen.  

This is all clearly obvious.

But, did you know that there are dramatic healing properties to specific ultraviolet wavelengths of light?  

Supercharging Your Immune System

I have been offering ultraviolet blood irradiation treatments to my patients for the past number of years with dramatic results that surprise even me!

When blood is exposed to four different wavelengths of ultraviolet light in a controlled environment multiple events are triggered.  The white blood cells, our infection fighting cells, are supercharged into action. Circulating viruses or bacteria in the blood are ruptured open thus exposing the DNA normally protected inside the cell wall. Our immune system is then able to mount a much stronger attack against these organisms by developing antibodies targeted to the DNA that it normally has no access to. Additionally, a powerful anti-inflammatory cascade is stimulated in a general way to help reduce any inflammation.

I personally experienced this myself

My Personal Experience with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

I was surprised during a treatment I was giving myself for a flu-like illness I was fighting. I had coincidentally been suffering from bad biceps tendonitis for a few months in my right shoulder from weight lifting. I wasn’t thinking about the tendonitis when I gave myself the ultraviolet treatment for my flu.  But when I reached up at the end of the treatment to turn off the IV drip, I was amazed to realize that my shoulder pain was gone!  And this happened while I was still sitting on the treatment table. The pain has never returned. 

I have seen many other such remarkable “cures” as well in my patients. I have seen Shingles disappear after one treatment, when it usually lasts for weeks. I have cured cold and flu illness that had been present for weeks, after one treatment. I have seen all sorts of achy joints and pains resolve quickly.  My own flu like illness resolved quickly with two treatments.

In all my years as an ER Doc I’ve never seen anything work as well and so fast with no side effects.

How the Treatment is Done

The process is very simple. I start an IV line in the arm and withdraw blood into a large syringe through the line.  I then inject the blood into an IV bag of normal saline and add an equal amount of Ozone gas. I then mix this all together with a swirling action and hang up the bag to slowly drip back into the patient through a special spiculated catheter mounted in a “light box”. The blood is swirled through the catheter in the box exposing the blood/ozone mixture to four wavelengths of UV light on its way back into the patient.  The treatment takes about 30-45 minutes. There are no restrictions to activity after.

Some patients have reported feeling very tired after a treatment, even requiring a nap. This probably represents the “die-off” of organisms and release of intracellular toxins (known as a Herxheimer reaction).  But upon waking up after resting they have been miraculously much better.

Next time you feel a cold or flu coming on, a shingles outbreak, or some aches and pains, give me a call for a UVBI treatment instead of reaching for the antibiotics and pain medications.

You may be as pleasantly surprised as I and many of my patients have been.

I’m here to help!  Call 310-393-2333 for an appointment or book online.

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