How I Cured My Son


My youngest son is a strapping 6’7″ 225-pounder, previously a college basketball player. After graduation, he started complaining about sinus problems. Every morning he would have to blow his nose frequently producing large amounts of green colored mucus. He complained of headaches, no energy, and difficulty sleeping because he couldn’t breathe through his left nostril.  He had no energy to work out. He became depressed and would sleep during the day. 

Surgery, Steroids and Antibiotics

I took him to two ear, nose and throat specialists and they concurred that he had a nasal polyp that was obstructing the left sinus and preventing it from draining. They put him on antibiotics and recommended surgery to remove the polyp. We followed their recommendations. 

He had polyp surgery and then was on a course of steroids and antibiotics.  Initially he felt better, but then all the symptoms returned. He went back to the ENT multiple times for intranasal steroid injections, cultures and more antibiotics. They informed us that the polyp had regrown (which is common).

He was using a neti pot twice a day, and even went through a course of inhaled anti-fungal treatments. NOTHING HELPED! I had been giving him IV vitamin C treatments along the way to support his immune system.

When his weight dropped down to under 200 pounds due to muscle mass loss, I decided to take over!

Success with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Treatments

I began giving him Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI) treatments with Ozone once or twice per week. After the third treatment he reported that the mucus production was subsiding and he was feeling more energy. I then added in pure ozone administration through a stethoscope infused directly into his ears. The ozone penetrated through the ear canals into the sinuses. 

After two of those treatments he said his nose had dried up and he could breathe through his left nostril. I continued these treatments on a weekly basis. He reported to me that about 2-3 days after each treatment he felt better and stronger.

After the eighth such treatment, he told me there was no mucus coming out of his nose at all in the morning, and he could breathe out of the left side. He also was feeling more like his old self. His energy came back, he started working out again and now only uses the neti pot once or twice a week. 


He was so relieved — he had been sick for over a year and thought he would never be well again. He told me that he felt like “he got his life back”. And this is from a 23-year-old!

I now have him on a maintenance plan of one treatment every 2 or 3 weeks. He feels normal now and is completely back to all of his prior activities.

Even I am impressed by how quickly he responded to the treatments as I had never treated chronic sinusitis with these modalities before.

There is nothing more gratifying than to have a loved one who was suffering return to his prior normal vibrant self.

I strive to accomplish the same goal for all my patients.

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