How To Get an Affordable Stem Cell Infusion With Incredible Ozone Therapy


Stem cells are the cells in our body that are responsible for healing all damaged tissue. They are “pluri-potential” meaning they are able to morph into any other cell in the body and become a new cell to repair any tissue in the body. PRETTY INCREDIBLE!

Stem Cell Treatments

I’m sure many of you have heard about stem cell treatments. They are frequently topics of interest in the news. They are being used more and more for many ailments but are mostly still at an experimental stage.

Orthopaedic doctors have been using stem cells for years injected into joints to heal cartilage. Research indicates that in the future this treatment could be so successful in growing new cartilage that it will completely eliminate the need for joint replacement.

Research is working on using stem cells in heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, lung diseases, MS, Diabetes, and all sorts of cancer.

How are Stem Cell Treatments Performed?

Currently stem cells can be collected a number of ways. The most common is to aspirate them directly out of the bone marrow. This is an invasive and quite painful procedure (not to mention, expensive).

What is Apheresis?

Another method is Apheresis. This is a technique where the patient is injected with medication for 3 or 4 consecutive days to “push” the stem cells out of the bone marrow into the blood stream. Once the stem cells are circulating in the blood, the patient’s blood is filtered for 4-5 hours and the stem cells are collected into a bag, much like a blood donation. 

The cells are then frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored in a cryobank for later use. This is a much less painful technique, but it is also quite expensive. The beauty of this technology is that many more cells can be collected than through direct marrow aspiration and they can be preserved for the future for any treatments. 

An Affordable Solution

It has recently been shown in Austria and Germany (where Ozone treatments are common) that HIGH DOSE OZONE treatments mobilize STEM CELLS.

We know that Ozone promotes healing. But now, we have new information that HIGH DOSE OZONE specifically has a beneficial impact on releasing stem cells into the blood stream, much like the releasing drug used in apheresis, but at a significantly lower price.

What this means is that I can offer my patients a treatment that will dramatically boost their own circulating stem cells (similar to a stem cell infusion) to provide healing to any injured tissue in the body. This can translate into marked improvement in health and decrease risk of disease. The higher number of circulating stem cells could effectively correct a disease abnormality at its inception if used regularly as prevention every six months.

Traditional medicine performs “yearly check-ups”. Basically, what they are doing is looking for a disease once it has started. If they can’t find a problem, you are sent home for another year and told to come back until a disease is found.

Most illnesses, like cancer, take up to ten years of growth before they become detectable by current screening tools.

Proactive Prevention

Bi-yearly High Dose Ozone Treatments are providing a proactive way of preventing disease instead of just watchful waiting.

In addition, these High Dose Ozone treatments have been shown to have a significant impact on healing many chronic illnesses also via the stem cell pathway.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere. It is generated from oxygen when it is electrified. This happens in the atmosphere by lightning storms. Have you ever smelled the sweetness in the air after a lightening storm? That is Ozone.

Medical ozone generators do the same thing in a controlled chamber. We are then able to channel that gas directly into the blood stream. 

The properties of ozone are to decrease inflammation, boost the immune system and it is toxic to cancer cells, bacteria, viruses and yeast cells. The result of treatments is that the body is better able to fight off these cells and organisms.

Medical Ozone to Treat Infection

Medical Ozone treatments have been used routinely for fighting infections in hospitals for over 100 years, before the discovery of antibiotics in the 1920’s. Most medical societies decided it was much easier to take a pill to fight infections than to administer ozone and it was mostly abandoned.

However in some countries such as Germany and Russia it was continued as a valuable treatment. It is routinely used to sterilize surgical equipment, operating rooms, and swimming pools.

Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in medical ozone because of the emerging problem of antibiotic resistant organisms and the fear of “Super Bugs”.

Ozone Treating Ebola Virus

My mentor actually took some ozone machines to Sierra Leone and was successfully treating the Ebola Virus until he was asked to leave the country for “political reasons”. (What I was told by one of the doctors who went there, is that the “business of dying” is more lucrative than living. ie: collecting bodies, funerals etc.)

Needless to say, the Ebola virus was exquisitely sensitive to ozone. They were able to treat Ebola much easier than they previously imagined.

Dramatic Results with Ozone Therapy

I have had many dramatic successes and equally happy patients with the prior treatment modalities.

Dr. Lahodny introduced us to High Dose Ozone therapy. The big breakthrough surrounding these treatments is that these treatments:


Improvement in many conditions can be seen even after only one treatment. Most conditions are resolved after ten treatments.

Dr. Lahodny also reported significant boosting of detoxification.

Ozone Therapy as Preventive Medicine

Dr. Lahodny further reported how the mobilization of stem cells can dramatically eliminate the inciting event in the beginnings of many illnesses such as cancer, thus providing an excellent modality for preventing illness by having a treatment once every six months to stay healthy. 

Many conditions can be dramatically improved with 3-5 weekly treatments and then maintained by monthly treatments.

These treatments are an affordable way to have a stem cell therapy, WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS!

No Adverse Side Effects from Ozone Therapy

Complications and adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals are the third leading cause of death in hospitals, right behind cancer and heart attacks!

Ozone is tolerated by everyone and after hundreds of thousands of treatments worldwide there are no reported adverse side effects or reactions. 

If you need more information or specific help, please, call us now at 310-393-2333 to schedule your next appointment or book online.

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