SEX After 50


What is the purpose of balancing hormones and Anti-Ageing Medicine?

One important reason is improved health as we age. And I believe the second most important reason is “Quality of Life”. Basically, what this means is being able to do the things we enjoy as we age without the loss of bodily function.

That could be such a wide array of activity ranging from downhill skiing to playing bridge. One of the most important and enjoyable human pursuits is, of course, SEX!

The Importance of Sex

Why is sex so important? Why are we so attracted to sex? Why is the porn industry so huge? Why does “sex sell”? There is actually a very simple answer. Humans are genetically hard wired to be EXTREMELY sexual animals! This theory fits the Paleo model I espouse as the foundation of many of our health issues.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago humans hunted, gathered and had sex. They had lots of sex, with lots of different partners. They had to, for survival. Anthropologists believe that the euphoria, and pleasure sensations associated with sex were designed to guarantee that humans were constantly having sex as a means of assuring survival of the species.

Infant and child mortality in those days was very high. Many babies and young children did not survive due to infections, trauma and predators. The best way to ensure that there would be enough survivors to propagate the human species was to create a lot of people. And the way to do that was to encourage lots of sex with lots of different partners.

Since we are genetically identical to those early humans (Paleo Model) we still have those same driving energies. But, just as our food has changed drastically since those days, so has our social climate and survival rates. We are now so successful at propagation that we are facing a global overpopulation problem, and food shortage.

Modern Long-Term Relationships

Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, believes that there is an ancient tendency in all of us to partner and re-partner every four years. The reason for this is that when ‘paleo’ children reached the age of 4 or 5, their chances for survival were very good so they were often incorporated into the community at that age to be raised by “the village”. The parents were then released from the responsibility of direct child raising, and were free to look for a new mating partner.

What are we to do today? Many of our kids don’t leave home until they are well into their twenties. This was almost the full life expectancy of ancient man! Modern humans partner up for 30, 40 years or more, ten times longer than designed. How do we manage such long-term relationships when we are genetically programmed to find a new sexual partner every four or five years?

Dr. Fisher explains that It is important to focus our energy, love and bodies on our partners whom we have chosen to make a home and a family. This actually goes against our basic nature. However, it is fundamental to creating and sustaining our modern society. Esther Perel goes into more detail on this in her book, “Mating in Captivity”.

Hormones for Low Libido?

One of the most common complaints I hear from patients seeking hormone replacement (both men and women) is ‘low libido’. Many men are falsely led to believe, usually by marketing ads, that they have erectile dysfunction if they do not perform like a 20-year-old stud at the age of 50. What is usually going on is more likely a combination of being bored with their sexual partner after 30 years, being tired, over worked, or too busy to focus on sex. They are looking for an easy answer and an easy fix with hormone replacement.

Although hormone replacement can help both men and women at this age and older achieve more exciting and rewarding sex, it is usually a much more complicated issue involving physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being.

All the primitive hormone surges and feelings that kick in with a new sexual partner, which we are genetically programmed to feel, may be at the crux of the high divorce rate in our modern society. In many situations it seems easier to leave the marriage and find a new partner than undertake “the hard work” of keeping a long-term, committed relationship together.

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