Breakthrough in Miraculous Ozone Therapy


I attended an incredibly enlightening conference in Palo Alto on new advances in Ozone therapy.

Dr Lahodny, one of the preeminent leaders in Ozone therapy in Austria was the main speaker. He lectured and demonstrated his recently developed High Dose Ozone therapy technique. Everyone in the room was “blown away” by what we learned. In attendance in were some of the top leaders of Ozone therapy in America as well.

I have been treating my patients with Ozone for the past number of years with great success. Some of the conditions I have successfully treated include breast cancer, Lyme disease, arthritis, lymphoma, chronic interstitial cystitis, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr, lupus, wound infections, chronic sinusitis, chronic dental infection, Crohn’s disease, shingles, herpes, acute bronchitis, flu, and upper respiratory infection.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere. It is generated from oxygen when it is electrified. This happens in the atmosphere by lightning storms. (Have you ever smelled the sweetness in the air after a lightening storm? That is ozone.)

Medical ozone generators do the same thing in a controlled chamber. We are then able to channel that gas directly into the blood stream.

The Properties of Ozone

Ozone will decrease inflammation and boost the immune system. It is also toxic to cancer cells, bacteria, viruses and yeast cells. The result of treatments is that the body is better able to fight off these cells and organisms.

Ozone was used routinely for fighting infections in hospitals before the discovery of antibiotics in the 1920’s. Most medical societies decided it was much easier to take a pill to fight infections than to administer ozone and it was mostly abandoned.

However in some countries such as Germany and Russia it was continued as a valuable treatment. It is routinely used to sterilize surgical equipment, operating rooms, and swimming pools.

Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in medical ozone because of the emerging problem of antibiotic resistant organisms and the fear of “Super Bugs”.

Ozone Treating Ebola Virus

My mentor actually took some ozone machines to Sierra Leone and was successfully treating the Ebola virus until he was asked to leave the country for “political reasons”. (What I was told by one of the doctors who went there, is that the “business of dying” — collecting bodies, funerals, etc — is more lucrative than living.)

Needless to say, the Ebola virus was exquisitely sensitive to ozone. They were able to treat Ebola much easier than they had previously imagined.

Mobilizing One’s Own Stem Cells

Dr. Lahodny introduced us to High Dose Ozone therapy. The big breakthrough surrounding these treatments is that these treatments:



Improvement in many conditions can be seen even after only one treatment. Most conditions are resolved after ten treatments.

Dr. Lahodny also reported significant boosting of detoxification.

He further reported how the mobilization of stem cells can dramatically eliminate the inciting event in the beginnings of many illnesses such as cancer, thus providing an excellent modality for preventing illness by having a treatment once every six months to stay healthy.

Many conditions can be dramatically improved with 3-5 weekly treatments and then maintained by monthly treatments.

Zero Adverse Side Effects with Ozone Therapy

These treatments are an affordable way to have a stem cell therapy, WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS!

One of the beneficial characteristics of Ozone Therapy is that there are NO ILL SIDE EFFECTS, unlike pharmaceuticals.

Can Ozone Therapy help you too? Find out now. Call (310) 393-2333 or book online for a consultation with Dr Liebowitz.

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