Benefits of Simple Celery


It’s amazing to me how wonderfully nature is designed. Take a simple veggie like celery for example. I’ll bet most people have no idea how effective it can be for high blood pressure.

Celery and High Blood Pressure

Celery contains nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the body. One such ingredient is called phthalide, (3-n-butylphtalide or 3nb), a compound which helps to give celery its unique aroma and taste. It works by relaxing smooth muscles in the vessel walls causing them to dilate and allow blood to flow more easily.

It was discovered after Quang T. Le, a medical student, and William J. Elliot, a clinical pharmacologist at the University of Chicago, did some research. Their action followed an incident where Quang`s father followed an old Chinese remedy noting the health benefit of celery in reducing high blood pressure. The elder Quang began eating 1/4 pound of celery per day and after a while his blood pressure was back to normal, avoiding the need for medication with its inherent risk of side effects. His son was intrigued as to how it worked and launched into a research project that yielded the discovery of the phthalides.

Celery and Stress Hormones

Stress hormones are known to restrict blood vessels inhibiting blood flow. Phthalide blocks tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme action which is needed to produce stress hormones.

And don’t we all know about stress!

Almost No Calories

Celery is comprised of about 90% water, and extremely low in calories. It is also low on the glycemic scale. It further helps to reduce blood pressure through a mild diuretic effect due to its high potassium content.

An Excellent Snack

Celery makes a very healthy snack which can help reduce hunger cravings by producing a “full” feeling with very few calories. Its great dipped into hummus (my favorite) or baba ghanoush.

At least 4 stalks of celery should be part of your diet if you are struggling with high blood pressure, stress, or snacking on sugary foods.

After all, what would you prefer to take for high blood pressure, celery or pills ?

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