Are You or Someone You Know Undergoing Cancer Treatment?


If you know someone undergoing cancer treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiation, you are well aware of the toxic load imposed on the body.

Sometimes the side effects of the treatment seem worse than the disease itself. Often the patients will need to delay or even cancel treatments due to feeling so poorly.

Helping to support these patients during the treatment process can provide a significant benefit to feeling well enough to complete a successful course of treatment, as well as improving their quality of life.

Cancer Grows in a Low Oxygen Environment

Many types of cancer are known to grow in a low oxygen environment. The theory of why they spread and generate new blood vessels into surrounding tissues is that they are “hungry for oxygen” and grow to develop new access to oxygen. Attempting to further deprive them of oxygen may actually result in stimulating them to grow.

Ozone has been shown to help treat many different forms of cancer.  Theoretically, by supplying oxygen to the cancer, this may actually turn off its “thirst for oxygen”and thereby decrease its growth stimulus, allowing the chemotherapy and radiation to be more effective against killing it.

Other Benefits of Ozone for Cancer Patients 

Ozone has been shown to help support metabolism. This can be important for cancer patients as it can help support their normal body functions while they are undergoing treatment and allow them to recover faster after a treatment.

Ozone also is toxic against infectious agents, and may help the patient avoid picking up an infection, a common complication of cancer treatment.

Ozone helps support the immune system, which is often weakened by chemo and radiation.

Integrating Ozone into a Treatment Plan

Ozone can be integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan for cancer.  It is not a “magic bullet”, but it can serve as one more tool in the arsenal to fight against cancer by supporting the patient and helping them to remain healthy and strong enough to tolerate the treatment.

Ozone is safe and easy to administer. It has been used in medicine for over 100 years treating hundreds of thousands of people.

It is a simple blood treatment in the office.

If you haven’t already done so, you can watch the videos on ozone therapy.

For further information or to discuss your individual treatment options and find out if ozone would be a helpful option for you, please call the office to book an appointment with Dr.Liebowitz.


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