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I speak to many women every day who have their hormones replaced by doctors in the most bizarre ways. Most traditional doctors treat menopause and hormone replacement based on symptoms only, with no consideration of what is happening physiologically in women’s bodies. I’ve seen some pretty frightening things. I think one of the worst is when women start having menopausal symptoms and the doctor never checks her hormone levels. I have had women tell me that they have reported to their gynecologist that they were having irregular periods. This is in women close to 50 years old. The gynecologists are supposed to be experts in women’s health issues. Yet, I have seen more that a few women in this situation being put on birth control pills to regulate their period, when these women are going into menopause.

The most common scenario for replacing women’s hormones is to put them on single dose continuous hormones. The only time in a woman’s life that they would be on continuous hormones would be during pregnancy. And this is when women gain a lot of weight, develop high blood pressure and insulin resistance.

Many times menopause symptoms are treated with anti depressants, anti anxiety drugs and sleeping pills, when simply restoring hormones would resolve all the problems without the use of any toxic prescription drugs.

The only hormone replacement pattern that makes sense to me is to try to put hormones back close to the pattern that they existed in before menopause. This would be a cyclical rhythmic pattern. I also do not believe in a different hormone pattern for women with hysterectomies. Many doctors feel that if a woman doesn’t have a uterus, then they don’t need progesterone. Well, what about the rest of the body? Progesterone doesn’t just go to the uterus. It goes all over the body and has important functions in balancing women’s hormones.

I believe that putting women’s hormones back as close to the way they were before menopause has the greatest benefit for maintaining health and preventing disease and age related decline in health. I believe it is important to support normal body function as long as possible for optimal health associated with aging, both for women and men.

This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to treat or diagnose any health condition.